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Here’s What People Are Saying…

Andi’s workshop was AMAZING. I’m really grateful to her for putting together an all-inclusive workbook and I was amazed at how thorough she is (I thought I was walking into an hour-long training and came out with so much more!). I’m referring my family, friends, clients and fellow colleagues to Andi’s program.

I honestly left her program feeling so much more empowered, confident and knowledgeable. I now have a great emergency plan set up and I’m happy to say her guidance made me realize how lean my budget is already!

Workshop: Making Sure There’s Enough: Creating a Financial Emergency Plan for Your Business

Reneé Clair

As my business has grown over the last two years, Andi’s Quick & Dirty QuickBooks course has been a lifesaver. As my income increases, I added my husband to my team in order to help with bookkeeping. Having this course helped us ensure we were doing the work correctly! There’s no better feeling than seeing my bank balance match my QuickBooks balance. Thanks, Andi!

Sonia Teach

WOW! Andi, you’ve brought more clarity and understanding to my business’s bookkeeping needs than my CPA has all year… I’m so impressed with you!


Thanks a million for your support in making my big wild dreams come true! I can already feel the empowering effects of our session; we’ve been making great progress on the half-day trainings, and yesterday was a record in coaching profits because I charged my executive rate for the first time.

Now I feel like I have a plan to support my vision. Plus I just shared it with my business partner and she’s totally on-board to make it all happen, and excited to have clear goals for our collaboration.

Service: Income Forecasting

Crystal Fry

Before working with Andi I was feeling as though my business finances were a bit of a mess and I was uncertain about how to navigate deductions and taxes. Working with Andi I learned so much! And it actually made me excited and confident about my business finances. Now I’m using Quickbooks and on the road to learning!! Also, I changed the structure of my owner draws in a way that already makes way more sense.

Service: QuickBooks Online Setup and Training

Liz Flick, MFTA

Initially, I was unsure of how to manage my finances in a way that felt intuitive and integrated, and that I could understand. Also, I wasn’t sure how to build a strong financial foundation so I could get to growing my practice. Working with Andi was really helpful, and just being offered and guided through the information soothed my financial anxiety so much.

This consultation gives you all the information you need to build a strong and solid financial foundation, and Andi offers support in an accessible, real way. Also, Andi focuses on supporting women, trans/gnc, and queer folks which is a huge plus.

Service: QuickBooks Online Consultation

Phoenix Song

So this year, I was so SO SO nervous about filing taxes. I was overwhelmed, confused, and to be really honest…I did a HORRIBLE job in tracking.

Jusy by pure ACCIDENT I stumbled upon Andi Smiles by a GOOGLE SEARCH yesterday. You guys, not only does she have an entire website dedicated to helping you get your finances in CHECK, but she had this webinar AND deduction sheet that LITERALLY CHANGE THE GAME FOR ME. AND THE BEST PART WAS that the deduction sheet was FREE.

I don’t even know Andi, I literally found her on Google, but I NEEDED to write this post because of how AMAZING her stuff is.

VALUE IS EVERYTHING. I never followed, met, or knew who Andi Smiles was… BUT LITERALLY, HER FREE CONTENT WAS SO JAMMED PACKED WITH VALUE… that I already bought a mini course of hers AND plan on spending more. I instantly trusted her because of how amazing her content was.

Nikki Pebbles

After completing BABF I have a solid structure and working knowledge of exactly how my business works and works for me. Before taking the course, I felt totally confused about the process of business finances altogether. Now, I feel so much relief in terms of my ability to dive in as a full-time entrepreneur.

Course: Bad Ass Business Finance

Seida Hood, LCSW

The content was so much more than “tips.” That is what was refreshing about the course. It provided depth and guidance. I felt able to take action based on what was shared and Andi did not share any unnecessary information in the midst of the course. I did not feel overwhelmed due to the course having lifetime access.

Through Bad Ass Business Finance I created a clear financial map based on my professional and personal life. I also have a better understanding of how to have an effective conversation with money on a professional level.  I enjoyed connecting all of the moving money parts of the business into one system.

Course: Bad Ass Business Finance

Stacy Mobley

After Bad Ass Business Finance I have more clarity about how to keep track of my finances and stay organised, which I’m really grateful for!

Course: Bad Ass Business Finance

Helle Weston

If I knew what I was going to come out with in this course before I paid, I would have paid $1,600! The lessons and content really are worth 4x what I paid!

What I loved most about Bad Ass Business Finance is that it was smartly structured. I had enough information from the previous modules to confidently start the next one and understand it. Plus I didn’t need an accounting degree to understand any of it. The action steps were very doable and helpful. I like the way they “forced” me to do something I would have not done otherwise.

Now I feel very confident about my business finances and my stress level about my money is way lower.

Course: Bad Ass Business Finance

Sedrika Anuhealii
Makaiwa Maintenance & Landscaping

Bad Ass Business Finance provides real answers to real questions that I wasn’t even sure how to ask. Before, I attempted managing my business finances, but had no plan for what to do, was stressed daily about whether I was doing everything related to my finances properly, and got so overwhelmed with countless spreadsheets that seemed pointless.

Now I feel organized, confident, and even motivated to process, plan, and manage my finances weekly. I can make decisions based on real numbers, not “guesses” about whether I did something right. I love having access to the modules to return to when I need to refresh and remember the goal for specific tasks.

Course: Bad Ass Business Finance

Rachel Rigdon, M.Ed., CCC-SLP
Certified Speech-Language Pathologist

Bad Ass Business Finance gets through so much content without being completely overwhelming. I love the way it’s organized, both in content, and visual presentation. The action steps are the magic that makes it all happen, and I love that the lessons always conclude with action items!!!

Course: Bad Ass Business Finance

Rue Lee Robin

Before enrolling in Panic Free Tax Prep I was overwhelmed by putting all my expenses and write-offs together since I just started my own business last year. But Panic Free Tax Prep was fun and easy to understand and I prepped my entire taxes in one evening!

Mini training: Panic Free Tax Prep

Jourdan Rystrom

My tax appointment went very well today and my tax guy was very pleased that I had everything all detailed out and totaled for him. The information you’ve shared has been really helpful for getting my ducks in a row for my first year of business taxes.

Mini training: Panic Free Tax Prep

Virtual Assistant

I LOVED Panic Free Tax Prep! I love the way Andi ‘lectures’. I’m a note taker, and her organized, outlined, numbered style is totes my jam. This course helped me feel informed and armed with the important aspects of getting my taxes ready. My accountant was impressed with my color-coded, organized notebook!

Mini training: Panic Free Tax Prep

Sara Malloy

Before using the Bookkeeping QuickStart Spreadsheet that comes with this training I wasn’t tracking everything in one place. The spreadsheet helped me simplify knowing where I am spending money and where money is coming in from.

All you have to do is make a copy, input your own data and all of the formulas are already in place. It’s so easy to use!

Lindsey Hazel

Andi is just so AMAZING! My favorite part was completing the forecasting worksheets. Now, I  have a better understanding of what I need to do on my end in order to pull off my business financial goals.

Service: Income Forecasting

Deanna Mason

My favorite part of the Income Forecasting session was seeing the results and being able to make decisions about important business money items (cushions, vacation pay, etc) that I would never have thought about before. Through income forecasting sessions you get a very realistic understanding of how you need to run your business money!

Service: Income Forecasting

Jennifer Noble, PhD

Andi makes it easy to figure out where your business is, and gives you the tools to make better decisions not just for your money but for your business to meet your goals.

I LOVED being able to break down how to shift the income in my business to put my business to work for me, instead of vice versa.

Service: Income Forecasting

Brandi Johnson

No matter where you are in your small business finance management, Andi will have some totally doable recommendations to save time and improve the accuracy of their financials.

Before working with Andi I was struggling to understand workflow efficiency in my bookkeeping, deciding on best software, apps, and processes for my business, and setting clear plans and goals.

During the consultation, there was no time was “wasted” with explaining my situation and Andi had a clear plan and recommendations. The google doc package with the action plan and visual reminders were so awesome and now I’m feeling motivated to work on my finance.

Service: QuickBooks Online Consultation

Jessica Schulist

If you don’t know what you’re doing in QuickBooks, if you want a second pair of eyes, if your numbers aren’t reconciling…Andi can help!

I decided to work with Andi because I was unsure what exactly I needed help with and I was struggling to know whether I was on the right track after setting up QuickBooks myself. Through Andi’s positive and constructive feedback and recommendations specific to my business and books, I’m finally categorizing my income as well as my expenses. 

Service: QuickBooks Online Consultation

Mallory Hermann

Working with Andi makes life enjoyable again and that is not something one can put a price on!!!!

I decided to work with Andi because I didn’t have have a strong foundation and understanding of my finances and it was making me not want to make money. I was struggling with my QuickBooks automations and how to connect everything.

Now, I am actually starting to make money again because I know my finances are automated. I wish I would have done this earlier and not wasted time.

Service: QuickBooks Setup and Training

Sarah Micheals

Bringing in Andi to help organize my small business was one of the best decisions I made.  She is thoughtful, detail-oriented and understanding of the nuances of running a performing company.  

Andi’s careful record keeping has kept Circus Bella on point and on budget for our summer productions.  Reports and estimates for grants and proposals are generated in a fraction of the time.

Service: Bookkeeping

Abigail Munn

Andi Smiles is 100% responsible for getting and keeping my businesses finances organized. As a solopreneur, I finally realized this was not my forte and was fortunate to be introduced to Andi. She has an extremely efficient, orderly, technologically savvy way of handling books (and all that comes with that role) that makes me 100% confident in her skills and results.

When I started working with Andi, I was mostly a one woman show; however, over the years, my needs have increased as I have introduced subcontractors and increased client purchases significantly. She has handled it all with the calmest of demeanors and confidence. Due to the systems and software she has implemented, I spend approximately 30 minutes/month preparing everything she needs to do her job (timesheet approvals, client billing, categorizing business expenses, etc.). This used to take me hours/week. And tax time is a breeze every year as all reports are up to date and ready to send off on a moment’s notice.

I can’t recommend Andi highly enough as she literally takes the chaos, the worry, and the stress out of your business finances.

Service: Bookkeeping

Laura Harrison

I initially hired Andi to do a one-time transfer of all my books from Quicken to Quickbooks… but upon experiencing her wide-breadth of knowledge, speed, professionalism, and accuracy– I quickly asked her for monthly help; and she’s now been overseeing my personal and professional books for nearly six years.

She is prompt to every appointment, courteous, knowledgeable, and able to deliver any report I need, or solve any question that arises. I highly recommend her!

Service: Bookkeeping

Shasta Nelson

When I first began working with Andi, I was using a rudimentary accounting software. Andi helped me seamlessly transition to QuickBooks, setting goals and budgets, tracking my expenses and mileage, and helped me make the change from a sole proprietorship to an S-corporation with ease.

With her assistance, I have a clear picture of both my business and personal finances.

Working with Andi has been a pleasure. She is easy to work with, straightforward and honest in her guidance and recommendations, and thorough and detailed oriented in her work. In short, I couldn’t run my business without her!

Service: Bookkeeping

Mimi Glumac

Working with Andi was very helpful and created a solid foundation for my business finances. Before working together I was unsure of how to look at my finances pragmatically and create a plan for financial success in the future.

My consultation with Andi was very comprehensive and I have begun to set up systems and begun to really track numbers and goals.

Service: Consultation

Alexandra Jamali, LCSW
Before working with Andi I was struggling with having a streamlined system to manage accepting payments, managing expenses, managing receipts, and feeling in control,  being prepared for tax season, and knowing the benefits of various tools and tax benefits based on my type of business structure.

Me being an organizer,  the in-depth audit just had me on cloud nine. I couldn’t believe how detailed and specific it was. Because of the consultation, I’ll be structuring my new business legally, prepared for tax season using your excel sheets, and will have a full system in place before I even launch,

Andi is experienced and knows how to keep things simple and yet detailed.

Service: Consultation

Tessa Williams

My peace of mind and my confidence in my ability to run a business and the stability of my finances would not be where it is without Andi.

I’ve been a client of Andi’s for the entire existence of my small business (a private tattoo studio), over eight years, and much of what I know about money I learned from her.

She is a person with integrity and that is how she runs everything in her life and work. People and professionals like Andi are a rarity. Once you find them, you hold on to them!

My tattoo studio would not be what it is today without her.

Service: Consultation

Micah Riot

Andi not only helped me organize my bookkeeping, but she also gave me a blueprint for growing my business.

With her help, I have an easy-to-follow plan to track my business’ profitability, along with a system for goal setting and business building. Her expertise and advice are invaluable.

Service: QuickBooks Consultation and Income Forecasting

Stephanie Dreyer

Before the consultation I was struggling with how to go about bookkeeping, conceptualizing my financial goals, and understanding my deductions.

My biggest hesitation was admitting how little I knew about accounting and the cost of the package. However, I knew it would make itself well worth it in the deductions, and it already has.

Andi made the process easy, approachable, and clear and I loved having the worksheets to use later while setting things up.

Service: Consultation

Rebecca Goettsche

This was one of the best investments I made when launching my business!

I knew I wanted to create a financial infrastructure that would support both starting and growing my business but wasn’t sure where to start.

Andi helped me put together a monthly budget that supported my various priorities (in my case, paying myself regularly, saving for vacations/building a buffer, & paying off start-up debt), showed me how to set up my books, reviewed my many business deductions and what I needed to be setting aside tax-wise.

The consultation gave me a flexible framework that I could immediately start using to organize my finances. I’ve since recommended her to all of my friends entering into private practice.

Service: Consultation

Jen Vera

Andi took all the boring out of learning about business and I’m actually doing all the things I needed to have been doing from the beginning and seeing such an improvement!

Marisol Himmel

OMG, your blog has changed my life. Your blog has made me feel FOR THE FIRST TIME like I can actually do this. Your “dealing with money shame” worksheet was profound to say the least.

Your approach, your VOICE, the tone of your writing and the way you present such user-friendly tools and templates has revolutionized the way I approach my business.  I was so overwhelmed and intimidated, I was actually considering giving up the whole venture.

I am no longer hiding from my business finance anxieties, I am the guns blazing’. Thank you Andi, your work is the most substantial online resource I’ve ever found

Sara Malloy

OMG, I can’t say enough about how amazing I think Andi is! Not just an incredible wealth of information, but so clear, concise, organized, and pleasurable to learn from/watch/be with. And she is the opposite of overwhelm, presenting the top four things to know/do and making them seem easy. Love love love Andi and her work!

Anonymous Student Feedback

Andi’s training was so great! I really enjoyed the information and the fun and colorful slides. I finally felt like I could follow along. I also really love action points. I get so sick of folks explaining shit and then I am left like, ok what do I do now. I loved how energetic she was and how accessible her tools are. So great and one of my favorite facilitators so far.

Anonymous Student Feedback

My biggest takeaway from Andi’s training is that I can actually do this. I keep all my cash in my closet and have refused to look at my finances. It felt too overwhelming. I also didn’t know where the hell to start with taxes and when I asked people to help they just spit out a bunch of words that I thought I didn’t understand. It felt like mashed potatoes in my head. The way Andi explained it was so helpful and I realized that I actually know more than I expected.

Anonymous Student Feedback

After Andi’s training, I realized I need to take care of my money and I can take care of my money. It’s totally possible and there are resources to help me.

Anonymous Student Feedback

I LOVED how practical Andi’s training was, and there were a few really helpful pieces of orienting information. So much that was so useful and I wouldn’t have muddled into on my own without a lot of suffering first!

Anonymous Student Feedback