Hey, I’m Andi!

I’m here to help you feel empowered with your business finances.

My mission goes past helping you talk about money; I want you to be able to talk with it. It’s time for you to start engaging with and feeling good about your finances- no matter how many dollars are in your bank account.

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My money used to be a hot freaking mess.


Not too many years ago I was probably like you- behind on my bookkeeping, flying by the seat of my financial pants, and clueless about how to actually make my money work in my business.

Even though I worked as a professional bookkeeper, small business financial consultant, and financial educator for 8+ years, there was a big difference between telling people how to manage money and actually doing it. I know first-hand how daunting the money stuff can be!

I also know about the money shame and the pressure to pretend like you have it all together…

…to put on a front of what a successful business is supposed to look like in order the hide the messy stuff. Because, let’s be real, people of color, queer and trans folx, and women who own businesses are not allowed to be messy. It took years, but I did the emotional and practical work to transform my business finances into the badass system it is today. It isn’t perfect because I’m not perfect. Our relationship with money is a lifelong process- it doesn’t go from stinky cabbage to cotton candy sprinkles in just a few months. BUT, for the first time in my life, my money and I are pretty damn good. And I feel really awesome about that.

Money is an emotional process .

…and we often forget that what we need most is to be kind to ourselves in our financial journey. So this site is about kindness. It’s about loving all your dollars (the big ones and the small). It’s about taking action in service of building a connection with your money, your business, and ultimately with the part of yourself that’s really really good with money.


I live on occupied Karkin Ohlone and Chochenyo land (Oakland, CA) with my wife and our muppet rescue dog.

I love photography, scrapbooking, and being crafty.
I started a nonprofit in my early 20’s and we work with incarcerated women in Peru
I’m a performance artist and produce a show that explores social myths about the body through stories of resistance and reclamation
I believe in living a life of passion and purpose.

Profesh Bio

Andi Smiles, small business financial consultant and coach, teaches rad business owners to take control of their finances so they can step into their personal power.

She’s helped hundreds of self-employed folx organize and understand their business finances, while also uncovering their emotional relationship with money. Using her signature income forecasting process, Andi helps her clients identify their big wild dreams and create a profit plan to get there.

Andi’s core belief is that when business owners are engaged with their finances, their personal awareness around money deepens, creating more sustainable and authentic businesses. She loves helping business owners connect with and feel good about their finances- no matter how many dollars are in their bank account.

Andi is a Certified Professional Coach and earned her coaching credential through the Leadership that Works Coaching for Transformation program, which is accredited by the International Coaching Federation. 

When’s she not nerding out about numbers, Andi is walking her muppet rescue dog with her wife, devouring YA novels, volunteering for causes she believes in, and, most of all, living life with passion and purpose.

Your money doesn’t have to be a hot mess.
Get organized today!