You don’t have to settle for a crappy bookkeeping system

It’s totally frustrating when your financial system is a mess. You’re tracking your income and expenses in a bunch of different places, you forget to follow up on getting your invoices paid, your cash flow is very very stuck, and it feels like the biggest time suck of life to deal with it all.

So you don’t deal with it. Because it’s such a disaster that your bookkeeping feels hopeless.

I’m here to tell you your bookkeeping is NOT hopeless!

It might feel like that right now and that’s because you have a Franken-System. A bookkeeping system that’s been pieced together through late night Googling and asking your friends. But you CAN ditch the Franken-System- you just need someone to tell you HOW.

imagine having a bookkeeping system that’s:


Up to date






takes less than an hour a week to maintain


gives you the numbers you need to make smart biz decisions

This magical unicorn of a financial system can totes be yours

Introducing Fix My Books:

A 60-minute bookkeeping system audit that identifies what’s wrong with your books and how to fix it

Sometimes you just need an expert to tell you what you’re doing wrong and what to do instead. That’s where I come in. I’ve been working with small business owners for over 8 years and I’ve fixed a lot of screwed up bookkeeping systems.


Fix My Books is structured to give you the info you need and get you taking action FAST.

Here’s how it works:

step 1:

Pay for your session using the button below. After you pay you’ll immediately be redirected to a scheduling page.

step 2:

After you schedule your session you’ll fill out a VERY detailed questionnaire about your business processes, financial system, and what challenges you’re facing.

step 3:

We’ll hop on a 60-minute video call together. I’ll identify problem areas or mistakes with feedback about how to improve them, suggest how to make your systems and processes more efficient, and give you a list of action steps to take.

step 4:

You’ll receive a recording of our call and an audit report detailing my suggestions and your action steps

your audit report includes:


 Key insights about your bookkeeping system


 areas of improvement


 general recommendations


 2 visual bookkeeping workflows


 software recommendations


 action steps and timeline



Hi money friend! I’m Andi and I teach rad business women to take control of their finances so they can step into their personal power. I’ve helped hundreds of self-employed women organize and understand their business finances, while also uncovering their emotional relationship with money. 

My core belief is that when business owners are engaged with their finances, their personal awareness around money deepens, creating more sustainable and authentic businesses. I love helping women connect with and feel good about their finances- no matter how many dollars are in their bank account.

When I’m not nerding out about numbers, I’m walking my muppet rescue dog with my wife, devouring YA novels, volunteering for causes I believe in, and, most of all, living life with passion and purpose.



 Stop wondering why your numbers are always a mess and what you’re doing wrong


 Improve the accuracy of your finances while saving time every week


 Know the best software and apps you should use to streamline and automate your bookkeeping


 Have a step by step action plan to follow with done dates to hold you accountable


Should I wait to do this until I’m a bigger, more established business?

Please don’t! If you are lucky enough to be a newish business owner then jump on the audit now! It’s far easier to set up healthy processes in the beginning because you haven’t yet formed all of your workflow habits.

What if I’ve been in business for a while- do I still need this?

Yes! If you know there’s something wrong with your books don’t wait any longer to fix it! I’ve worked with clients who have been in business for 10+ years and STILL need to fix their books.

Do I have to give you private details about how much money I make and my numbers?

Nope! A well oiled financial system works the same if you make $100/ year or $100,000/year. This audit isn’t about analyzing your numbers, it’s about streamlining your systems and processes so they work more efficiently.

All of the questions in the questionnaire are about HOW you do things in your business and what challenges you face, not about how much money you make.

Is this audit going to create a bunch of extra work for me to do?

The truth is- it depends on the state of your financial system and I’m def not going to half-ass the audit if your system needs a lot of help. You’re paying me to tell you what you can change and it would be a disservice to you if I didn’t list out every single thing that could be improved in your finances.

That said, even if the audit does create extra action items, the time you will save in the long run will be worth the effort in the beginning.

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