Coming January 31, 2017

the BFF course

Quickbooks for Mac edition

Meet your new BFF- your money! But money is so hard. It’s true, in our current times money has a lot of negativity and stress attached to it and often it is easier to avoid and ignore our finances. Yet, as business owners, how can we provide authentic services to our clients without having an authentic relationship to our finances?

This course isn’t just another QuickBooks training course- it is designed to help you become intimate, and dare we say it, BFFs with your finances. It teaches you, to soloprenuer, how to use QuickBooks to monitor, track, and analyze your finances and asks you to reflect on how these practices strengthen your relationship with money. Beyond QuickBooks, this course teaches you strategies for financial self-care for your business, yourself as an owner, and your future.

This course is based on doing. You will actually do your books. Each topic ends with actionable steps to set up and maintain your own books and reflection questions that will deepen your relationship with money. By the end of this course, you will be practiced in maintaining your books in QuickBooks, have created personal and business budgets, adopted a regular payment scheduled for yourself as an owner, and identified how to save for taxes.

Most importantly, though, you will develop an authentic and lasting friendship with your finances- and will have made a brand new BFF.

you’ll learn:

  What deducation you can write off as a freelancer (and which ones you can’t)
  How to set up your QuickBooks file for your business
  How to track your income and expenses, plus shortcuts to streamline this process
  How to create memorized transactions for recurring expenses
  How to record sales and credit card fees from popular processors like Square, Stripe, and PayPal
  How to record and track the sale of products
  How to split expenses between different expenses accounts (or between personal and business)
  How to send invoices and receive payments
  How to apply refunds
  How to track 1099 contractors in QuickBooks and easily file 1099s at tax time
  How to record payments to yourself, the owner
  Common bookkeeping mistakes and how to fix them
  How to reconcile your accounts every month
  How to run reports and which ones are best for your business
  How to read and analyze reports for your business
  Advanced QuickBooks features and what you can do with them
  My 15-minute a day QuickBooks workflow
  How to create a budget for now and the future
  Healthy financial self-care practices, including:

  Paying yourself as an owner
  Creating a short term and long term savings plan
  Paying your quarterly taxes

  And most importantly… How to love and appreciate your finances exactly as they are!

Each Section Includes:

  Step by step video tutorials
  Action items that will actually get you to do your books
  Worksheets to help you stay organized
  Reflection questions to deepen your relationship with money

You’ll Get:

  A pre-set up QuickBooks file that is easily customizable for your business
  A step by step written guide to each section
  A course workbook filled with worksheets and action items
  Lifetime access to the course and video content

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