It’s time to get your bookkeeping organized so you can

rock your business

Chaos! Disorganization! Too much to do and not enough time! Does this sound like your bookkeeping?

Because #TheStruggleIsReal

You’re frustrated because you’re awesome at your biz, your clients adore you, it’s all finally coming together and… you still can’t figure out the bookkeeping part. You don’t know how to set up a bookkeeping system. You don’t have the time to catch up a million months of past transactions. And you can’t afford to hire a bookkeeper.

You feel stuck, overwhelm, and bummed out. And it doesn’t have to be that way.

Imagine looking at your biz finances without feeling overwhelmed

What if you had a bookkeeping system that was user friendly, automated, streamlined, and easy to keep up with? What if you had a step by step action plan for you daily, weekly, and monthly financial routine? What if you knew what you were doing when you sat down to work on your books?

You would…


have more time to focus on running and growing your business instead of fighting with your finances


stop blowing off your finances and actually do the work when you’re supposed to do it


be less stressed out and overwhelmed by how much there is to “catch up on”



have more emotional energy to PUT TOWARDS the things you’re most passionate about


Sounds sweet, doesn’t it?

Introducing Bookkeeping Blastoff:

a 5-part done for you program that gets your bookkeeping set up and caught once and for all

Bookkeeping Blastoff is a collaborative process. I set up and catch up your books and then teach you how to keep up with your bookkeeping, beat procrastination, and utilize your system the right way.

What you get:

1 – 60 minute strategy call with Andi

2 – 60 minute training calls with Andi

2 – 30 minute accountability/ follow up calls with Andi

A customized bookkeeping system setup and workflow

Personalize deduction category cheatsheet

Bookkeeping best practices guide for your business

Checklists for weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual processes

Up to 5 visual workflows for your business

Home office, auto expense, and split expense tracking log

Access to a video training library featuring 20 step by step tutorials

Up to 3 customized training videos for your business

Google Drive containing all materials, custom training videos, and recordings of our calls

How it All Goes Down


Book a 30-minute discovery call with me to discuss your needs, the package, and if it’s a good fit

If we don’t decide to work together- it’s all good! It wasn’t the right thing

If we do decide to work together- I send you a contract and invoice. You make your first payment and then it’s blast off!

week 1: setup

Complete a detailed questionnaire which helps me understand the current state of your finances, identify obstacles and challenges, and learn about your goals for your bookkeeping system

If you have an existing bookkeeping system, you’ll share the details with me so I can assess the best way to transition you to a more streamlined and automated system

I design a bookkeeping system draft based on your information

Strategy Call #1: I present the draft and you’ll give me feedback based on your business. This call will give us both more clarity about what you need in your bookkeeping system and any revisions that need to be made.

I adjust the system design based on your feedback

I setup and implement the system in the software we choose

week 2: catch up (optional)

If you have a backlog of bookkeeping you need caught up, you can opt to have me catch it up in your new system. Note, you will be billed separately for this work (see the pricing section for more details).

Logistical Call: You share your banking passwords with me and I entered them into my encrypted password software, Last Pass

I catch up your year-to-date bookkeeping in the new system, inputting and categorizing all business transaction and reconciling all accounts to the most recent statement period

You will receive a questions report via Google Sheets and submit your responses

I finalize your books with answered questions

week 3: training

Training Call #1: I walk you through your bookkeeping system and teach you how to manage your books using the system

You receive login details for the video library of training resources

I create up to 3 additional training videos customized to your business

week 4: processes & workflows

I develop a bookkeeping best practices list for your business

I create master bookkeeping checklist for the following time frames: Weekly tasks, Monthly tasks, Quarterly tasks, Yearly tasks

I create a personalized deduction category cheat sheet for your business

I create up to 5 visual workflows for your bookkeeping

Training Call #2: I walk you through each of the above items inside of your bookkeeping system and demonstrate your workflows


Accountability/ Follow Up Calls: Every two weeks we check in to see if you have followed up on your tasks. If not identify obstacles, address your questions client, and review your work to ensure it is correct

Whoa! This sounds awesome! Now how much is it going to cost me?

the price…




Catch Up Work



PRICE: $125/MO





Hi money friend! I’m Andi and I teach rad business women to take control of their finances so they can step into their personal power. I’ve helped hundreds of self-employed women organize and understand their business finances, while also uncovering their emotional relationship with money. 

My core belief is that when business owners are engaged with their finances, their personal awareness around money deepens, creating more sustainable and authentic businesses. I love helping women connect with and feel good about their finances- no matter how many dollars are in their bank account.

When I’m not nerding out about numbers, I’m walking my muppet rescue dog with my wife, devouring YA novels, volunteering for causes I believe in, and, most of all, living life with passion and purpose.

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